Nohl Rosen for
Wickenburg Town Council

I've been fighting to save Wickenburg from its own short-sightedness for some time. A long-time resident of Wickenburg, I have owned my own business for over 20 years. As a Constitutional Conservative who believes in the United States Constitution and the ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers, I’m the founder of the Patriots Of Wickenburg —one of the more organized and active patriot groups in Arizona.

My stand on the issues

The people do NOT work for the Town Councilors—they work for us.

The Mayor and the Town Council must be required to follow both the United States and Arizona Constitutions. The citizens deserve to have their constitutional rights and their civil liberties protected.

One of the gravest issues facing Wickenburg is the out-of-control spending by our current town government. Fiscal responsibility and transparency is essential where taxpayer money is concerned. Too often, our town council has gone into Executive Session, leaving the citizens wondering what they may be hiding.

Government overreach subverts the will of the People. I fought for the rights of businesses to remain open during the pandemic, when Governor Ducey ordered the closure of “non-essential” businesses. For me, EVERY business is essential. I suspended my 2020 campaign for Wickenburg Town Council to stand up for the constitutional rights of Wickenburg’s small business owners.

I opposed the unlawful mask decrees and other unconstitutional government mandates during the pandemic. I opposed vaccination passports and staunchly dispute a tyrannical, "show-me-your-papers" state. I also believe in the Second Amendment. Without it we can’t protect our other God given rights under the United States Constitution.

Once in office, I will:

Uphold, defend and protect the United States and Arizona Constitutions.

Protect Civil Liberties

Be a voice for the Citizens

Fight to keep Wickenburg western and rural

Eliminate outrageous spending

End unconstitutinal taxes and fees

I ask for your support and your vote in the upcoming election to ensure that The People have a voice in town government and on the council.

I need volunteers so please feel free to contact me by calling 480–980–8541 or email