It’s been a hard road and the fight to regain Arizona and our country has never been tougher.  I made a vow to keep fighting for the state and for what’s right. I have thus decided to run for the AZ State Senate in the 2024 general election as an independent in LD30.  I believe the Republican and Democratic parties have joined forces to form a communist uniparty that has no interest in upholding the United States Constitution or supports what our founding fathers had in mind for this country. I believe in God and country and will fight for it as an independent candidate as I believe our leaders should be doing the work of the people instead of the parties.

My campaign goals haven’t changed since the last time I ran for the AZ Legislature. Should I be elected to the AZ Senate, my first duty will be drafting the following legislation:

1. Getting rid of all the Arizona Revised Statutes that are unconstitutional. We must ensure that the United States and Arizona Constitution is protected along with the civil liberties and the constitutional rights of the people. We have many ARSs in state law that would be considered unconstitutional. It’s time to hit the reset button in the state,

2. Continuing the fight for election integrity. That means one day, 1 vote on paper, hand counting ballots at the precincts, getting rid of the machines, showing ID at the polls, getting rid of mail-in balloting except for military, and bringing back the old absentee balloting system to replace early voting. We’ll also hold accountable those who tamper or interfere with elections in the state including government officials.

3. Getting rid of Common Core and wokism in the public schools. If you get rid of CC, you also can eliminate other Marxist teachings like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE). We must go back to traditional learning in the public schools. We also need to stop giving money to underperforming schools. Arizona is 47th in the nation in education and nore than half the state budget is going towards education. This needs to end as throwing money at the problem won’t solve the issue.

4.  Ensuring border security. We must make sure the security of our border is properly funded. We don’t need the federal government to solve the issue. We need less talk and more action and that means finishing the border fence with the same materials we purchased to finish it under President Trump. We also need to have an armed presence on the border as well to protect our state and that means use of both the Arizona Army National Guard and the militia.

I hope you will join me in my latest run for the AZ Senate in District 30 which includes Maricopa, Yavapai, La Paz, and Mohave Counties. However, in order to fight for you, I need to get on the ballot first.  Please click the link at the top of this page that says Sign My Petition to help me get on the ballot for the general election. If you’re interested in volunteering for the campaign please feel free to email me at or call 480-980-8541. I could always use the help and can’t fight the battle alone. Thank you for your support.