My name is Nohl Rosen and I’m running for the Arizona House Of Representatives in LD30 and need your help to get there. LD30 includes Wickenburg, Aguila, Salome, Wenden, Quartzsite, Lake Havasu, Kingman, Bullhead City, Bouse, Gladden, Vicksburg, Parker, Golden Valley as well as county islands in La Paz and Mohave Counties.

I’m running as a Republican because I still believe in it’s founding principles, not what we have today. I believe in the United States Constitution and what our founding fathers had intended for this country when they drafted it. I’m not a politician, I’m a patriot and have been fighting on the front lines to help get our republic back and it starts locally by getting involved. I’m also the founder of the Patriots Of Wickenburg and a business owner as well. I also support President Trump and believe he’s one of the greatest Presidents we’ve ever had. I don’t hide my constitutional conservative values, I embrace them.

I don’t just support the Second Amendment but all of the United States Constitution. I won’t be taking the oath lightly to defend it when I’m sworn in. I also believe in getting tough on illegal immigration and feel that we need to finish the border fence and put real protection on the border not to replace the United States Border Patrol but to give them the proper backup that they need which would include both National Guard and the state militia. I call illegal immigration what it is, a foreign invasion and we must protect our country by any means legally necessary under the United States and Arizona Constitutions. I will not support those who cut in the front of the line. I however welcome those who come to our country the legal and right way. Many have done this and eventually became proud American citizens after working hard to do so.

I also believe in solid election integrity laws which is why as a citizen I submitted my idea for an election law to Representative Walt Blackman who has now introduced it to the Legislature. The bill isĀ  called HB2571. The bill calls for showing proper ID and proof of voter registration, eliminates machine counting, voting only on voting day at the polls, ends mail in balloting, and ends early voting. The bill calls for hand counting ballots and has Republicans, Democrats and Independents working together to observe the counting of the ballots so they are done accurately. Also, if a mistake is made on the ballot by a voter, the ballot is instantly spoiled. This isn’t a new concept, this was the way voting used to be like. Early balloting used to be absentee balloting which was only allowed if a voter wasn’t going to able to vote on election day to travel requirements or if the person was temporarily working out of state. Mail balloting will only be allowed for those serving in our military and for those residents of Arizona working overseas. HB2571 also has a penalty portion where if anyone tampers with the election, casts a fraudulent ballot or otherwise interferes with the election in any way, it’s a class 3 felony punishable for up to 10 years in prison.

My goals while in the AZ Legislature are to help make our state a constitutional state, pass solid election integrity legislation, and to eliminate Common Core which is one of the root causes of CRT and comprehensive sex education. I’ll also pass legislation to finish the border fence and put a stop to the invasion of our country.

I’m a patriot, not a politician so you can expect I’ll be a strong voice in the Legislature for not just those in the district but all the voters in Arizona. It will be my honor to serve the great state of Arizona as your next Representative.

Please click the link at the top of this page to sign my petition to get on the ballot in 2022. I also need volunteers to help in all areas of the campaign. If you’re interested in helping please feel to email me at or call 480-980-8541. Thank you for your support.