Rosen To Run For Wickenburg Town Council

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to run for Wickenburg Town Council in the 2024 election and am now collecting signatures to get on the ballot. If you’re interested in signing my petition online via Equal feel free to click the following link . If you’d like to sign the paper version feel free to contact me at or give me a call at 480-980-8541 and I’ll happily bring it to you to sign it. I also could use volunteers to help collect the signatures as well.

For those that don’t know me, I’m a constitutionalist that’s been fighting for the people of this town for some time. I’m the Founder of the Patriots Of Wickenburg and I believe our elected leaders should follow the United States Constitution as well as the Arizona Constitution. When they take the oath of office, they should mean it not just say the words.

We also need people that will be fiscally responsible and that our taxpayer dollars should be spent wisely. I believe our current town government shouldn’t be spending money like they’ve got a blank check and rubber stamping almost every single project just because they want the money. I also believe that when government makes a promise to the people, they need to keep it. The people are the ones in charge, not the government. I also believe in limited government not growing it.
So, I hope you’ll support me in my run for TC. Just to note, those wishing to sign must be a resident of Town Of Wickenburg and a registered voter in the state of Arizona. Thank you for your time and support.