I’ve owned my own business for almost 20 years. I’m a constitutional conservative that believes in the United States Constitution and what our founding fathers wanted and intended for this country. I’m the founder of the Patriots Of Wickenburg which is one the more organized and active patriot groups in the state. I also founded Rally For Law Enforcement which is a pro-law enforcement group which is still active. I’m a supporter of President Trump.

My stand on the issues:

As for my stance on the issues I believe in getting tough on illegal immigration and feel that finishing the border fence is important and we also need armed personnel to protect our border with Mexico and give the United Border Patrol the proper backup. I also believe in voter integrity which includes showing the proper ID at the polls and taking the necessary steps for a fair and honest election. I have already submitted to one of the members of the AZ Legislature a voter bill which includes showing ID at the polls, eliminates early voting, voting only on election day, eliminates machine counting to make it hand counting only, and eliminates mail in balloting.

I’m also against overreaching government and fought for the rights of businesses to open their businesses during the plandemic when Ducey ordered the state to shut down. For me every business is essential. In 2020 I suspended my campaign for Wickenburg Town Council to stand up for the constitutional rights of the business owners in the town and their right to operate even though the town government and the state demand they stay closed. I was also against the unconstitutional mask mandates and other rules the government tried to enforce during the plandemic as well.

I’m against vaccination passports and a show me your papers state. That’s nothing short of communism. I also believe in the Second Amendment and without it we can’t protect our other God given rights under the United States Constitution.